Charitable Trust

Charitable Trust

Registered Charity Number:听 1061460
What鈥檚 so great about the Charitable Trust?

A message from the Trustees

Thank you for considering a gift to the 大象传媒 Charitable Trust.

The 大象传媒 Charitable Trust is dedicated to raising funds specifically to support the capital development of the school’s assets to support the staff deliver a first-class educational experience for all the students.

The government funding pays for salaries, bills and consumables such as exercise books, so the school works hard to source alternative funds to support the many rich and varied activities in the school, whether academic, sporting or cultural. The Charitable Trust is the main source of these funds.

Since it was formed, the Trust has financed or contributed to a diverse range of projects from the Sports Hall and pitch levelling, to the Music Block and Centenary Hall; all of these have ensured the very best educational experience for the school community, whilst maintaining Torquay Boys鈥 Grammar Schools鈥 reputation as being one of the best state schools. Right now, we’re focused on the schools鈥 most ambitious fund-raiser to date: the Activ8 Campaign aims to bring all new indoor and outdoor sports and health facilities to the site.

The Trust accounts are held completely independent of the school and are regularly audited and are submitted to both the Charity Commissioners and to Companies House. The Trustees & Directors comprise of past and present parents, Old Boys, friends of the School and staff.

Without regular support in the form of gifts from parents and friends of the school, we will not be able to keep the school developing and moving forward; please consider donating in one of the three ways outlined below: and don鈥檛 forget that if you are UK taxpayer, by gift aiding, we can receive an additional 25% on your donation from HMRC.听

Thank you in advance for considering a donation, from all the current trustees:

Ian Fraser – Chair

Andrew Medhurst – Treasurer

Christine Weston

Jacquie Milstead

Jill Stevens

James Hunt

For more information, contact us at chair.charitabletrust@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk听

A One-off Donation

Any gift, big or small, will make a valuable contribution to our school development objectives. Please click the Just Giving link below to make a donation. Don鈥檛 forget to Gift Aid.

A Monthly Donation

Monthly donations are our most important stream of income. If you are able to donate around 拢10 per month, please consider clicking the Just Giving link below to set this up. All contributions are voluntary and confidential. Don鈥檛 forget to Gift Aid.

Just Giving minimises the administration required to process your donations. However, if you prefer, you can complete the following forms, and send to the school reception or enquiries@tbgs,, for the attention of the Treasurer of the Charitable Trust.

Gift Aid Declaration


Bankers Order a4 Trust


Leaving a Legacy is Easy

鈥淚 feel strongly that future generations should be able to benefit as I did at Torquay Boys鈥 Grammar School. Alongside being an active member of TOGS, I feel that setting aside a legacy is the best way I can thank them for the splendid education I received.鈥 Alumnus

We know that many of our former students and friends would like to contribute towards our development plans but current circumstances may limit the financial support that can be offered now. However, this support can be given in the future simply by including a legacy or bequest in your Will in favour of 大象传媒 Charitable Trust, for future generations at the school.

Most people, especially home-owners, are surprised by how much they are worth. Estates can be subject to Inheritance Tax but legacies to charities are tax-free, and making such a gift will reduce the size of your taxable estate.

Suggested wording for your solicitor

If you decide to include Torquay Boys Grammar School in your Will, the wording we suggest you include is:

I give to 大象传媒 Charitable Trust of Shiphay Manor Drive, Torquay TQ2 7EL. Registered Charity Number 1061460, (description of gift), for the general purposes of the Trust, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or any other proper officer of the Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge for my Trustees.

Your solicitor will check the final wording

The first step involved is usually to seek advice from a solicitor. They will discuss your estate and your wishes, prepare a draft Will for your approval and, once approved, present the final Will for you to sign. They can also advise you on the appointment of executors (who are responsible for administering your estate), help you to decide on the people and organisations you wish to benefit from your Will and deal with any Inheritance Tax implications.

If you already have a Will, a Codicil, which is a simple additional instruction, can be prepared by your solicitor and attached to your existing Will. Nowadays, with electronic storage of documents this need not be an expensive or difficult way of adding a new legacy to your Will.

CODICIL for 大象传媒


There are three main types of bequest:

A share of your estate

The very best way in which you can help Torquay Boys鈥 Grammar School is by leaving a 鈥渞esiduary legacy鈥; in other words, either a percentage, or even the whole, of your residuary estate after all your dependants and other beneficiaries have been provided for.

A specific sum of money

This is called a “pecuniary legacy” (A drawback to this type of legacy is that inflation will devalue the sum over time.)

A specific gift

Some people choose to set aside a specific item such as a valuable painting or property in their Will.