Parents Association

Parents’ Association

Welcome to the Parents鈥 Association (PA) page.

The aim of Torquay Boys Grammar School Parents鈥 Association is to develop and extend relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school, and to advance the education of students through raising additional funds.

When your child joins 大象传媒, you, as parents, are also joining a community, and the school鈥檚 Parents鈥 Association is at the heart of this.


The PA鈥檚 activities are coordinated through meetings held once every half term, plus the AGM in February, usually starting at 7pm in the library.

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.听

Our meeting dates, time and location are published on the school鈥檚 calendar (Click Here)

We are on occasion joined by the headteacher, Mr P Lawrence, and deputy headteacher, Mr J Hunt, who come to the meetings to meet parents and respond to questions about school matters.

Refreshments are available throughout the meeting.听聽

PA Activities

The PA is involved in many activities throughout the school year, working collaboratively with the school community, joining us together to give the best to the students of 大象传媒.

Here are some of the amazing activities we鈥檝e been involved with during the last year:

Wine And Wisdom Quiz NightChristmas MarketSports Day Refreshments
Bar Coordination for The ShowMothers鈥 Day Pop-Up ShopCinema Refreshments
Pre-Loved SalesNew Year 7 RefreshmentsEnd Of Year Music Festival


There are many opportunities for you to become involved in the PA and our activities; we hold a bank of helpers’ details for us to email requests to, which can include, but exhaustively:聽

  • Up-and-coming events and times;
  • Administration tasks;
  • Loaning of items and skills;
  • Raffle prizes;
  • Donations.

If you can help when the requests are sent out, your help will be greatly received.

If you would like to be added to the helpers list, please contact us (Click Here):聽remember there is no obligation to help at any event, just if you can.

Remember you are always welcome to join us for the PA meetings, at which you will learn first-hand about up and coming events.听

The information collected is not shared with any third party and is only used to contact you regarding helper matters. Your information is stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018, UK. If you wish for your data to be removed, then please contact the chair. Your data will be automatically removed in the summer holiday after your child has left the school or if Data Protection Laws change.



You can raise money for the school just by shopping online. There is no catch, no junk emails and it鈥檚 very easy to set up! If you use this or click on the picture when shopping, then an automatic donation is made to the PA.听


We have a school lottery with some wonderful prizes. It is simple to complete and you can either have one off goes or set up a reoccurring direct debit to be entered weekly into the draw.听

To find out more please



Pre-Loved School Uniform聽

We have a dedicated team who sell second-hand school uniform. All the uniform is checked for damage, repaired and washed. The stock list is updated regularly with a variety of items from coats to football boots.听

Please check out the stock list and order form which can be found – .听 The pre-loved team will then be in touch.

If you have any donations for the pre-loved team, please do get in touch via email at or leave at school in a bag labelled pre-loved donation.



If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the PA please click here.

If you would like to contact any of the Parents Association based on roles then please click on the relevant name below:

Zoe Stratford – Chair

Muhammed Anam – Vice Chair

Zoe Moore– Treasurer / PLS

Helen Manning – Secretary

Caroline Shimmin – Marketing / Events


We鈥檝e all been in your situation and we are hopeful that we can smooth your path, especially in the first year. As such we have the following tips from past and present parents…聽

  • When you are sewing the badge on the blazer, look for the secret zip inside it (usually in the lining seam by the pocket.) Once you have opened that, you can easily sew the badge on through the pocket.听
  • Name everything!! Lost property is full of unnamed items. Laundry pens or sew in badges are recommended.听
  • Name rugby tops down the placket where the button holes are.听
  • Don鈥檛 buy rugby AND football boots. One pair will do for both.听
  • Buy a small kit bag for all the PE kit. PE kit stashed into a school bag separately gets lost.听
  • Staff are great at communication via email. Use this for preference to聽Your child’s form tutor is the best first point of contact by email, if you have a problem.听
  • Ask your child to write messages in their planner and check it regularly.听
  • Take a photo of all school emails re. trips etc鈥 on your phone. That way you always have info鈥 to hand when you can鈥檛 remember what鈥檚 going on and when.听
  • Music lesson times for instrumentalists are posted on the Music Department board on Monday morning. Your child will need to go and check themselves.听

If you have any hints and tips that could help future parents, please let us know.听



We had lots of wisdom because of the wine; a great evening for all who attended.听


The PA had a great day at sports day keeping the children all refreshed. The cheer for when the first batch of hotdogs arrived was awesome! Thanks to everyone who helped make the day a huge success.