Well-Being & Mental Health

Wellbeing & Mental Health

We want our students to achieve highly, but in a supportive environment where they are happy and content. We understand that happy children will thrive at 大象传媒 and this is why we have prioritised their well being and mental health.

Staff receive training so they are able to spot concerns at an early stage and a range of support mechanisms are available for individuals and our families.

Student Mental Health Ambassadors

Students from across year groups receive specialised training from members of our Mental Health Support Team (NHS partners). This enables us to support individuals through a peer-led approach. Ambassadors are encouraged to develop relationships with students from across year groups and work closely with tutors, Heads of House and our School Counsellor/Pastoral Support Officer. The team of Ambassadors meet regularly with staff and senior leaders to evaluate strengths and weaknesses within our current mental health provision and provide feedback which help to shape and develop our existing support systems.

Living Life To The Full

This is an award-winning online programme, developed by Mental Health Practitioners, which offers evidence-based tools to identify and overcome the difficulties the child, or young person, is experiencing.

Living Life To The Full (LLTTF) enables students to experience autonomy in recognising negative thoughts, worries or concerns, before they have an impact on their daily lives, school experience, relationships, or in other activities. The programme is a holistic approach between the student, school and home and aims to provide individuals with strategies they can use both now and in the future.

Students can be supported through this programme by their tutor, Head of House, or subject teacher, but a strong emphasis is placed on parents to engage with this support alongside their son/daughter. Often, when concerns are shared with both understanding and empathy it can prevent problems from escalating and lead to lasting change.

The Stables

The pastoral team are based in this area and students can access support from staff at any time during the day. Rooms have been designed so there is plenty of space to relax and unwind and a sensory room is available for students to self-regulate when they are experiencing difficulties.

School Counselling Service

A full-time school counsellor (located in The Stables) is available to support students with mental health concerns.

Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

Wellbeing practitioners (based in school) offer therapeutic interventions for individuals with mental health and emotional wellbeing issues, such as mild to moderate anxiety. As well as direct support for students, the team help us to develop a 鈥榳hole school approach鈥 to mental health and wellbeing which includes staff training, parental support and acting as a link with local children and young people鈥檚 mental health services.

Mental Health Support Team (MHST) in Schools

The NHS鈥 Mental Health Support Team (MHST)


An online counselling, and professional mental health & wellbeing service, is available 365 days of the year, for students seeking support away from school.

Staff Training

Staff receive training to help them identify and support students with mental health concerns. Teaching staff understand the importance of a welcoming, supportive, learning environment and adapt their lessons to positively support student wellbeing.

Parent Zone

Parent Zone is hosted through our school website, and offers advice for parents on improving their child鈥檚 mental health and wellbeing.

Annual WellBeing Forums

Outside agencies are available to support parents through a 鈥榤arket stall鈥 event showcasing the range of support available to families throughout Devon and Torbay.